You Are What You Eat: How Your Mind Controls Your Mouth

Jan 04, 2023 | 4 mins read

Ever hear the expression, “you are what you eat”? This is even truer when it comes to the relationship your mouth has with your brain. The words we use are a clue to discovering some of the hidden patterns we run and the self-inflicted obstacles we create for ourselves when it comes to personal development.


Listen carefully to what you say. In particular, the repeated words and phrases that reinforce negative patterns and negative self-belief that makes it impossible to lose weight, quit smoking, reduce stress and eliminate depression. “I have tried everything” is one of my personal favourites. We try to lose weight for a few days or weeks and then when we fail we feel perfectly justified in saying “I have tried everything, I just can’t lose weight.”

Of course we can lose weight and of course we have not tried everything. By saying those words you are giving yourself a perfect out and a great excuse for giving up. If that is what we are doing, giving up, then we have to begin to use phrases like that. It is our brain’s way of coping with the fact that we are not losing the weight. “I’m too busy” is definitely on my favourite hits list. We have time to look at our phone for 3 hours a day and binge-watch TV at night, but too busy to get to the gym or finish that business plan we have been talking about for a year. These words roll off our tongue with ease and even when we know people are not buying our story it gives us a safe place to run and hide from our failures.

People who are very successful at what they do never talk like that. Any business owner or person who has lost 100 pounds or has turned their life around from drugs and alcohol has had to use personal development strategies to get to where they are. This is reflected in their language. They use phrases like, “I give you my word, I will get it done no matter how long it takes, you can count on me.” In fact, whenever you meet somebody it won’t take long to know what they are like in private. Their language will tell you everything.

Through guided hypnosis, we can change habits, patterns and beliefs at the deepest levels and remove all the resistance and tension you experience when trying to make meaningful lifestyle changes. Through the power of suggestion and relaxation techniques, you can feel a sense of freedom and fluidity like never before. Making healthier decisions seems like going with the wind instead of against it and when you slide back, there is a simple clarity and lack of guilt that help and get you right back on track. With the weight of the world off your shoulders, you can move in any direction you want! Remember, the real battle is fought in the mind not the refrigerator!


Number one: no excuses. We all know people who seem to be giving excuses for everything. Even when there is a legitimate “excuse,” don’t use it. Practice taking full responsibility for failures even when they might not be your fault. This is a great practice that brings your words in alignment with your deeds. Excuses are for people whose words and deeds do not line up. If you say you are going to do something, no matter how small and no matter how softly you said it, make sure you follow through on it. People who are successful have perfected this art and if you take one thing away from this article have it be that. If you say you are going to do something to somebody else and you do not follow through call them right away and don’t make excuses.

Number two: be mindful of your language and use positive reinforcement with your words. There is a great saying: fake it till you make it. This means, act as if, even if it’s not there yet. Talk as if, even if it is yet to be accomplished. For example, if you are trying to lose weight simply say, “I am losing weight and act as if. Your brain will follow your words if they are positive. In Tibetan, the word for prayer is Monlam, which means “wish path.” Creating a path to success begins with a wish and verbalizing that wish is a skillful way of manifesting the result more swiftly. And yes, use prayer.

Finally, never become discouraged. We now have the methods and technology to accomplish virtually everything we could want. All we need is patient perseverance and we will definitely accomplish our goal. In fact, whatever goal we want to achieve has been achieved by others many many times. Read their stories and get inspired.

Better listening of yourself will unlock your potential for limitless success and fulfillment. Becoming a master of self-listening will open the door to getting unstuck in old patterns and beliefs that keep you trapped in pain.

Practice listening to other people and try to spot the same patterns that you yourself run. The horror you feel when you realize “OMG, I do that too, does it really look and sound that bad?” will motivate you to drop excuses, false promises and empty words. And yes, it looks and sounds that bad.

The words you use reveal what is really going on inside your mind. If it is challenging to change your mind, try changing your words and your mind might just follow! Guided self-hypnosis and neurolinguistics teach you to power your subconscious thoughts to break through and get that success that before now was so elusive.