Quit tobacco and vapes

Most smokers fail to quit smoking for good, but you can quit smoking instantly and permanently with hypnotherapy



Process and heal grief in a healthy manner with Wisconsin Hypnosis Center’s Programmes, making it easier to move forward with life without carrying sorrow or guilt of any kind


The Hypnosis Weight Loss Solution

At Wisconsin Hypnosis Center, we help you lose weight through hypnosis methods that are specifically programmed for you and your long-term success


Master Public Speaking

With Wisconsin Hypnosis Center’s programs, not only can you keep stage fright and anxiety at bay, you can also become a convincing public orator by empowering your communication.


Reduce Stress

Tired of feeling worried, unmotivated, or just tired? Calm your mind and channelize your energy better with the programs we offer at Wisconsin Hypnosis Center


Over Coming fears

Wisconsin Hypnosis Center’s hypnotherapy programs help you get rid of all your fears and phobias and live the life you’ve always wanted to live


Build Confidence

You CAN get a handle on stress, and hypnosis can help!


Improve Sports Performance

While the physical aspect of any sport cannot be denied, the mentality and fortitude of elite athletes is what sets them apart. Learn their tenacity with our programs.


Improve Motivation

Wisconsin Hypnosis Center’s hypnotherapy methods boost your self motivation levels and make you exponentially more productive at work while getting rid of self-doubt and overthinking.

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