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Our Powerful Approach

Through working with hundreds of clients in our offices, we have seen the powerful results of hypnosis. Many clientsstruggling with immense pain come to us as a last resort. After trying several other approaches without success, these clients have little hope that hypnosis will be the answer.

During our sessions, we peel back the layers to address the painful habits and beliefs stored in our client's subconscious minds until they are free to easily achieve their goals. The joy on their faces when they lose the weight, quit smoking, or reduce anxietyis what inspires us to expand our reach. We want to help as many people as we can overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. What can we help YOU achieve?  

We Teach, You Do, You Win.

Our Experienced Hypnotists

Our leading hypnotist, Jay Luck, is a master hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programing (NLP) practitioner. In his career, he has helped thousands of individuals achieve their goals and is highly specialized in weight loss, smoking cessation, stress and anxiety reduction, overcoming fears and phobias, and healing relationships as well as grief.

 Jay is also a member of the International Hypnotists Training Association (IHTA). As an IHTA member, Jay trains individuals to be successful students of self hypnosis as well as skilled hypnotists that are qualified to assist others in reaching their potential.

 Jay personally works with clients out of his Apple Valley Hypnosis offices located in Wisconsin and Minnesota. He also practices in Hawaii and California several times a year. His dream of opening his hypnosis practice to individuals through the world has come to fruition with Wisconsin Hypnosis Center.

Our Services

While many of our clients identify with one or more of the areas shown below, we understand that you have your own unique challenges in life. During your consultation, our hypnotists will listen to your areas of concern and design a program unique to your needs. Our custom approach has proven to be successful.

What Clients Say

Event : Perceptioneering

Imagine attending a workshop unlike anything you have ever been to before.
Imagine that you could instantly solve whatever problem you are struggling with in your life.
What if you could learn to self-hypnotize and tap directly into your subconscious.
Learn to get exactly what you want by trading behaviors, patterns, and habits
that have been preventing you from achieving total success in your life.

In our specialized workshop with
Jay Luck, Master Hypnosis and NLP practitioner
learn cutting-edge skills and techniques to quickly break bad habits.
Discover how self-hypnosis and neuro associative linguistics will change your life FAST.

Discover the secrets successful people have paid him 10's of thousands of dollars to unlock.
Here's what our clients have exclaimed after learning these techniques.

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We work with individuals from all areas of life from corporate to small businesses with the mission to raise public awareness in order to improve their quality of life through information on maturity, accountability, responsibility, family values, morals, and ethics.

We are available for corporate speaking, motivational talks, comedy stage hypnosis shows, personal mentorship, on-site consultations and more. 

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What is hypnosis? How does hypnosis work?

Our mind works on two levels, a conscious and a subconscious, or outer and inner state of mind. Our conscious mind takes care of day-to-day business, such as making decisions, performing physical ...

Who can learn hypnosis?

Whether you are professional hypnotist who would like to increase your skill set, a student who would like learn the best way to use hypnosis for success, or someone who simply wants to overcome a neg...

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, hypnosis is safe. A common misperception is that under hypnosis a person will do anything a hypnotist says, good or bad. This is false. Under hypnosis, a client will not do anything that is again...

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