Through working with hundreds of clients in our offices, we have seen the powerful results of hypnosis. Many clientsstruggling with immense pain come to us as a last resort. After trying several other approaches without success, these clients have little hope that hypnosis will be the answer.

During our sessions, we peel back the layers to address the painful habits and beliefs stored in our client's subconscious minds until they are free to easily achieve their goals. The joy on their faces when they lose the weight, quit smoking, or reduce anxietyis what inspires us to expand our reach. We want to help as many people as we can overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. What can we help YOU achieve?



We offer free screening and consultation for all our first-time clients. Contact us via this quick form to take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle, and we will reach out to you for further information at the earliest opportunity.


    Charlie Says

    I’ve saved my lungs from the toxins of 5475 cigarettes and I’ve saced $2053 for my vallet

    Ruby Says

    You talk to Jay, you do what he says, and it will pay off. And it’s easy!

    Abbie Says

    I have much more energy. I was able to control my eating and it felt easy!

    Danny Says

    I feel much better. I went from 10-15 cigarettes to 1 or maybe 2 per day.

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    Jay Luck

    Master Hypnosis and NLP practitioner

    is a member of a newly formed, fast growing hypnosis organization called the International Hypnotists Training Association (IHTA). As an IHTA member, Jay trains people to be excellent, successful, mature students of self hypnosis and hypnotists that are qualified to assist others in reaching their own potential. Our Wisconsin Hypnosis Training Center's motto is "Maturity through God's consul with personal accountability."



    Discover the secrets successful people have paid him 10's of thousands of dollars to unlock. Here's what our clients have exclaimed after learning these techniques.

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