Yo-yo Dieting Disappears With Hypnosis

Dec 28, 2022 | 3 mins read

Does this sound familiar? You are fed up with how much weight you gained this year and strongly decide to lose the painful fat. You starve yourself, go to bed hungry, hit the gym, don’t cheat or snack, and you do it! You lost 15 pounds! You’re so happy that you celebrate by eating your favourite food, drink some wine and within three weeks you have gained back almost all the weight. You think to yourself, “No problem, I can lose it again. I have the willpower.” Welcome to the world of yo-yo dieting. You go up and then you go down — but at what price?


Dr. Andrew Higginson published a study in the journal “Evolution, Medicine and Public Health” that shows how yo-yo dieting promotes fat storage because your body interprets the time without food as a “mini famine.” When your body doesn’t know when the next feast is, it will store all calories (even good calories) as fat for future use. This is one crucial reason to avoid the extremes of weight gain and weight loss and develop habits, patterns and beliefs that will sustain a healthy body weight consistently over a long period of time. To compound the problem, people who yo-yo diet experience significantly more stress than people who don’t. The pressure to lose weight and the frustration when putting it back on all raise your cortisol hormone levels, which promote fat storage. Somebody who slowly and steadily loses weight has a better chance to maintain even cortisol levels and reduce their fat storing tendency.

Perhaps the worst effect of yo-yo dieting is losing muscle mass. Every time you diet and cut your calories you lose weight, but how much of that weight is muscle and how much is fat? It is commonly accepted that you lose on average 10 percent of your muscle mass. If you drop 20 pounds that means you have lost at least 2 pounds of muscle. When you put the weight back on you gain back fat but not the muscle! Therefore every round of dieting is causing you to drop more and more muscle mass. This can have a devastating effect on your health. You are more likely to experience heart disease, fatigue, loss of bone density and fatty liver disease. Muscle mass boosts metabolism so the less you have the slower your metabolism becomes. This is another compelling reason to focus on changing habits, patterns and beliefs that will allow you to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will make maintaining your ideal weight easy.

"...the real battle is fought in the mind not the refrigerator!"

Does this mean there are no shortcuts to losing weight and staying healthy?

It would be depressing if that were true, but fortunately, there are tried and tested shortcuts that can help you lose weight. Hypnosis makes exercising and eating right, fun and easy. When we change our habits, patterns and beliefs with professionally guided hypnosis, all the resistance disappears. Ever wonder why it is so hard to stop eating so much? It is simply your brain following a pattern, habit and belief. That’s it. The people who have the habit, pattern and belief to be healthy have the same difficulty in gaining weight and becoming fat! Their resistances are the same as yours, they can’t stand to eat fried or fatty foods and may even gag if they are forced to eat it. Patterns and habits are not inherently good or bad, they just “are.” When we remove the stigma and shame around our habit it becomes very easy to change.

Through guided hypnosis, we can change habits, patterns and beliefs at the deepest levels and remove all the resistance and tension you experience when trying to make meaningful lifestyle changes. Through the power of suggestion and relaxation techniques, you can feel a sense of freedom and fluidity like never before. Making healthier decisions seems like going with the wind instead of against it and when you slide back, there is a simple clarity and lack of guilt that help and get you right back on track. With the weight of the world off your shoulders, you can move in any direction you want! Remember, the real battle is fought in the mind not the refrigerator!