Why Can’t I Lose That Painful Weight?

Dec 21, 2022 | 3 mins read

For the first time in history overeating has put more of a burden on our healthcare system than malnutrition. This means that the health issues facing us in this century will be the result of overeating more than anything else. This shocking development has come out for one reason only: calories have become cheap and easy to come by.


Food is everywhere, and it’s cheap. Whether it’s 5 burgers for 5 bucks or a loaf of bread for a dollar, food is cheaper than ever and is no longer our biggest budget item. At first glance this might seem like a modern miracle — food for all at a cheap price. But we seem to be paying a harsher price with bulging waistlines and a myriad of health issues.

Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, joint pain and sleep apnea are on the rise as a direct result from overeating. Is it just that we cannot control ourselves with so much food around? No. Overeating is a direct result of eating high calorie foods that are low in micronutrients. When we eat foods that are loaded with fast calories, calories that are broken down swiftly into blood sugar when we eat, it creates a vicious cycle of overeating behaviour that is very difficult to stop.

Every time we flood our body with calories we create a reward feeling in our brain. Our brain is in charge of taking the food we eat and processing the calories and nutrients to keep our body alive and healthy. The system that controls our hunger and feeling of fullness is found in the hypothalamus. If we are overweight and try to lose it through dieting, guess what happens? Our brain sends out signals that our body fat reserves are running low and it drives our hunger and desire to eat!

This function of our brain evolved to keep us alive. Now it might be the greatest threat to our health. With so many cheap calories in the form of cakes, donuts, crackers, pasta, chips, soda and countless others, our body and brain are under siege. Our entire system that manages hunger and feeling full is broken and the worst part is dieting will just make it worse.

When we try to go on a diet we have to restrict our calories in order to lose weight. Unfortunately as soon as we lose body fat our brain sends out constant messages to our gastrointestinal tract to feel hunger. If we manage to resist that, then the hypothalamus will send out reward messages which are almost impossible to resist. Ever notice that when you are on a diet and doing really, really well that at some point you “reward” yourself with a “treat”? That is your hypo-thalamus at work trying to get you to put the weight back on.

This vicious cycle can only be defeated by hacking your brain to stop sending those signals. This means that professional guided self-hypnosis works. It is important to know that willpower alone does not have the ability to keep the weight off. Even if we manage to lose 75 or 100 pounds, keeping that weight off for more than a year is close to impossible without some work on our brain through hypnosis. We need to, in essence, bypass this evolved system and train it to stop sending hunger and reward signals.

If we combine new eating behaviour, hypnosis and a support system together, then we can be extremely successful in our weight loss goals and find out that overeating was all in our head.