What Happened To The Obesity Rates In the US?

Dec 14, 2022 | 3 mins read

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. The irony is that people are spending more money than ever on processed foods and dining out, only to turn around and pay more money on weight loss programs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all states in America have at least a 20 percent obesity rate with the highest in five states (Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia) at over 30 percent. Since 1950 the average obesity rates for Americans has almost tripled. The big question is, why?


There are many factors that could be responsible for this alarming trend, but one that sticks out to many health practitioners is the mass consumption of a new type of wheat that has dominated our diet starting in 1970. We hear a lot about gluten and gluten-free but why now and not 50 years ago? Your grandparents ate wheat, lots of it. Bread and butter and baked goods were all made out of wheat, yet people didn’t have celiac disease, food allergies or “wheat bellies” a term coined by Dr. William Davis, author of the book, “Wheatbelly.” Our grandparents and great grandparents have slim figures and almost no food allergies compared to the present day, yet they all ate wheat.

In 1970, a new strain of wheat was “invented” called semi-dwarf strain. It produces almost eight times as much per acre as its natural and native counterparts like Einkorn wheat. It was hailed as a miracle for eliminating famine and food shortages throughout the world. It was developed through a process called mutagenesis that uses deadly chemicals (sodium azide) to force a mutation of the gene. The result is a brand new strain of grass that bears little resemblance to our wheat of old.

One of the side effects of this newly invented crop is food allergies that cause inflammation, leaky gut, Chron’s disease, celiac disease and other digestive and health disorders. Because of the huge yields, this new food has found its way into everything. It’s in all muffins, breads, croissants, cookies, pretzels, pastas and well, the list is endless. It’s that ingredient you see all the time: enriched wheat flour — niacin, iron, thiamine mono- nitrate, riboflavin, folic acid. Look familar? Strange that we humans eat something with no nutritional value except for the fortification that we add to it separately, yet somehow it has become the no. 1 food consumed in the American diet.

To make matters worse, the proteins in this new wheat are broken down into peptides by your digestive system and function like opiates for your brain. That’s right. This new wheat is super addictive. In fact, I think it is harder to give up wheat than it is to quit smoking. Have you ever tried? It’s nearly impossible. Not only is semi-dwarf wheat causing endless digestive and weight problems for Americans, it’s addictive.

Wheat spikes our blood sugar and causes insulin resistance, which results in waistlines that are bulging bigger than ever. If you want to lose weight fast all you have to do is eat nothing made of wheat. In order to do this we need a little help.

Hypnosis clinics have been working with people who have tried everything to lose weight with little success before. When we use guided hypnosis to help them break the mental addiction, miracles happen. Losing up to 75 pounds is possible when we eliminate the craving for wheat and wheat-based products. By deactivating triggers that cause carb cravings inside the brain it is not difficult to watch the weight fall off. Sugar cravings or carb cravings cause us to pack on the pounds, but when we activate the subconscious to work in our favour, making new choices is not only possible but easy.