The Two Painful Extremes Of Weight Loss

Dec 28, 2022 | 3 mins read

The concept of yin and yang has been around for centuries. These two forces can be found everywhere; activity and rest, male and female, right brain and left brain and eating and fasting. In today’s modern society we are prone to oscillate between the two extremes to find balance. We overeat and then in a panic we exercise relentlessly and drastically try and cut calories. The point of the yin and yang symbol and the message found throughout traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is to start (and stay) in balance.


When it comes to weight loss, this is harder than you think. Why? Because the food you eat has been laced with the two extremes. Processed food is either saturated with sugar or salt. When we binge eat on something savory, our body then craves something sweet. If we binge on sweet we crave something savory. This is our body trying to abide in the natural balance between sodium and potassium. Our food supply is deliberately made to cater to one of the two extremes. This is why finding balance is so hard if you eat processed food.

The sweeteners developed today, like aspartame or high fructose corn syrup (now just labelled corn syrup), are extreme in their sweet flavor and stimulate overconsumption and overeating. New extracts, like rosemary extract or the delicious salty flavoring found on your favorite chips, are the reason you can’t eat just one! Food companies are banking on the fact that you go between these extremes and continuing to do so lines their pockets at the cost of your health. Diabetes, heart disease, adrenal fatigue and similar conditions are indications of not just imbalance in your body but imbalance in your diet.

The worst effect these flavorings have is on our children. When our children are exposed to them, their taste buds begin to change and become desensitized to normal wholesome food. Delicious home- made food does not satisfy these changed taste buds and the vicious cycle of eating out, eating processed foods loaded with sweeteners and salty extracts begins. As adults this habit continues with the eventual development of disease. Diabetes and cancers are hitting us at a younger and younger age and the heath of relatively young people is now threatened like never before in history.

Eating natural, whole, organic foods keeps us balanced and healthy. The challenge becomes altering our tastes and food cravings to live a healthier lifestyle. Achieving this takes a lot more than just eating balanced foods. If it was, then everybody could make these changes easily. Because our taste buds are so linked to the reward system in our brain we need to begin by laying some solid groundwork. This begins in the mind.

"Our mind is extremely powerful, and by utilizing the power of belief and changing our view of food, we can make choosing healthy food an easy process."

By using unique techniques of professionally guided self-hypnosis we can retrain the brain’s reward system and begin unraveling the damage caused by processed foods. Our mind is extremely powerful, and by utilizing the power of belief and changing our view of food, we can make choosing healthy food an easy process. We do not need to feel a sense of loss or longing and the notion of binge eating will become as foreign to us as eating healthy food used to be.

By changing our perception we can recalibrate our taste buds to delicious natural foods and say goodbye to binge eating, weight gain and low self-esteem.

You don’t need a scale to know how you are doing — it’s an emotion roller coaster. You don’t need special packaged foods or supplements. When you are in control of your subconscious mind and not reacting to your surroundings then you act easily to get your goal.