Sick and tired of not reaching your goals?

May 02, 2024 | 7 mins read

Break free with Wisconsin Hypnosis Center

The phrase “old habits die hard” is often accompanied with a shrug of the shoulders, a sheepish grin and a chuckle or two.

But feeling stuck isn’t funny. 

It’s something Jay Luck, Master Hypnosis and neuro linguistic programing practitioner, sees in clients in varying circumstances every day. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking or elevating your business or personal life, consistently not reaching goals holds us back and affects us in a variety of undesirable ways.

The owner of Wisconsin Hypnosis Center with locations in Green Bay and Appleton, and Apple Valley Hypnosis in Burnsville, MN began his career 36 years ago as a salesperson and sales
trainer. He explains the surprisingly close connection between the two professions.

“My job now is to sell people on falling in love with themselves,” Jay says. “It’s the coolest sales job in the world. When you really love yourself, barriers go away. You start to think, ‘Of course I can learn that, of course I can do that.’ If we don’t like ourselves, we just don’t think we can accomplish things.”

Jay helps clients add self-love (sans arrogance!), while removing two common blocks. “It becomes about reducing shame and guilt,” he explains. “Shame and guilt prevent us from accomplishing things. They have no place moving forward in our lives.”

What do you want to solve? Why will hypnosis help?

Clients seek hypnosis for a variety of issues: weight loss, quitting smoking, confidence, chronic pain management, stress and anxiety, insomnia, procrastination and self-doubt, and others. Wisconsin Hypnosis Center offers a free in-depth screening in order to determine a successful partnership between client and Jay. Being serious and committed to change is vital to finding success in their individualized programs. Screenings are in person in the clinic, one on one, and often online.

“We ask them to imagine what if they never solve the problem they come in for, they continue doing what they’ve always done,” Jay explains. “You have to look in the mirror. You realize how bad this could be compared to how bad it already feels. How would you feel about yourself if you could have reversed all of this today and instead didn’t and you keep failing?”

In more than a few cases, clients have seen Jay for a particular problem they’re most struggling with and have seen positive side effects in other areas of their life, often such as sleeping better and less stress.

“I worked with a manager of 1,500 employees who was originally a client for weight loss,” Jay says. “He talks about how it changed his life. His stress level is lower than it’s ever been. He’s now taking control of board meetings with the techniques I’ve taught him: how to be relaxed, body language techniques and ending up in control. He was successful before, but now he’s raving about how hypnosis has changed his life, his outlook, his marriage. In the Perceptioneering and mentorships we teach these high level communication skills.”

While the options for positive change are essentially limitless, Jay is firm about one thing: “No hypnotist can make you do anything you don’t want to do. The truth about hypnosis is that you hear every word, you know exactly what is happening and you’re aware of your surroundings. You become super physically relaxed. When someone is in that state, the tension in their life is out of the way. You can really get your goals.”

Hypnosis teaches clients the skills and tools to be in control of their subconscious mind. Jay describes our brain as being 12% conscious and 88% subconscious. The smaller portion has the desire to learn and grow, while the subconscious holds on to our habits and patterns, becoming stuck to the belief of the habit. It resists change.

“We’re teaching how to un-hypnotize a pattern and hypnotize a new pattern that is now protected by your subconscious,” he explains. “Hypnosis comes in a lot of shapes and sizes, but it is all super logical and it’s fun!”

Jay offers private hypnosis sessions that also include classes, audio tracks, reading material and workshops. The one-on-one sessions can be done online remotely, in person or over the phone and generally involve several sessions over a few weeks.

“Sessions are unique to that client,” Jay says. “It isn’t a packaged program. So just because Sally needs X in her third weight loss session, does not mean that that’s what Tom needs. They could be quite different.”

Private sessions are also offered in a retreat style, incorporating two 10–12-hour days at a retreat cottage on Lake Winnebago or a vacation destination. Jay says this is a great option for clients with busy schedules.

“It’s really intense. It’s fun to see the work happen at the end of the long day, then seeing the change. The clients have so much fun with this. It’s about them getting what they need. I’m grateful for every one of them. My high in life is when a client gets their goal.”

RESULTS VARY. Wisconsin Hypnosis Center teaches self-hypnosis. Jay and his team are not doctors. They do not diagnose mental health issues or medical conditions, and refer out people who may need those services.

Change your life with Perceptioneering Workshops + Mentorship opportunities
Wisconsin Hypnosis Center regularly holds Perceptioneering Workshops that span a 4 day weekend and combine the best of hypnosis techniques, neuro linguistic programming and teaches people reading.

“We perceive ourselves a certain way, and it’s not always accurate with how others perceive us,” Jay says. “We perceive others a certain way, which may not be accurate either. We’re teaching people to really see what they’re giving off so they notice it. And they’re able to get a better read of other people."

The Perceptioneering Workshop helps with communication, body language and rapport.

“It is not a lecture. We make this commitment, that by the time they leave, they’ll be really good at these techniques. People leave saying,‘This changed my life!’”. We created the name Perceptioneering that basically means you’re reverse engineering. You’re correctly perceiving what’s happening both in you and in other people. (The workshops are) super intense but they are a blast!”

Mentorship opportunities with Jay typically last a year and involve helping clients shift what is in their way.

“Sometimes businesspeople or sales and marketing professionals just want to do better at whatever their business is,” he says. “They discover how to be more successful with attitude and how they approach business, their relationship with money, clients, things like that.”

BREAK FREE from habits that no longer serve you!

  • Lose weight
  • Stop procrastination
  • Improve sleep
  • Quit smoking/drug abuse

Discover transformative examples of how Wisconsin Hypnosis Center has changed the lives of thousands in their own words:

“Over the many years of trying to maintain weight loss, I noticed how I somehow always go back to old habits and ways and eventually go back up in weight again. I have decided to STOP this pattern and learn to use my brain for the habits I need FOREVER so that this problem never returns. I was at first skeptical and a little frightened but now that I have accepted the fact that this will work, I am on my way to a healthy, thin NEW ME FOREVER.”

“I eat better, I walk more and I feel the change in myself as well as in my body. My life is different, it’s better. I get more done in my home as well as my business. I used to wear a 1X and now they are becoming a little too big. WOOHOO! It works!”

“I used to feel like I was not in control or had the ability to lose the amount of weight I have to lose. Since beginning the hypnosis with Jay, I have a renewed belief and control that I have not had in years. I am eating healthier and in control of my weight loss. I no longer am binge eating and have not since I have started my sessions. I am fitting back into my jeans, which I have not fit into since giving birth to children. I have a belief that I can do this and am excited to continue this journey.”


“I used to feel stressed and angry all the time before I came (to Wisconsin Hypnosis Center), now I feel less stressed and happier than I was in many years. The CDs helped me also gain more confidence around other people. I can’t thank Jay enough for helping me get my life back under control.”

“I can truly say after three sessions I have not been angry when things that used to trigger it appeared. I have been able to transform my anger and move on from that emotion to something totally different. I am way more relaxed.”

“Since I started working with (Wisconsin Hypnosis Center), I feel different and act differently. I am more positive, confident and realize that I can control how I feel. My only wish would have been that I found out about this years ago.”


“I have smoked for 40 years. I have quit many times but have always returned to smoking. This is different. I think about it but don’t act on it. I didn’t believe in hypnosis until now.”

“I was weak when it came to smoking. It was my go-to for all my problems. Years went by and then I noticed I was short of breath after doing a flight of stairs, shorter walks with the dog, etc. in one meeting I changed. I’m back in control. I feel good about myself. I want to live and enjoy life.”

“I was a smoker for about two years but still had trouble kicking the habit. After the first session, I noticed that over the next few days there was no need to pick up a cigarette. The sessions thereafter greatly reinforced that I could live the rest of my life as a non-smoker.”

Remote online sessions, in-person sessions, phone calls, retreats and workshops all available!


“When I first came (to Wisconsin Hypnosis Center), I thought it was the need for weight loss and to boost my self-confidence. Going through the four sessions that were recommended I realized it wasn’t what I needed; I needed to retrain my brain to free me from the anxiety that kept me from just living… I don’t think about things as much and I just do them, I have been more active which has led me to be more confident.”

“I used to feel very worried and I would always worry about things that aren’t important. But now I am very calm and I don’t worry as much… it helped me sleep way better than I used to sleep.”

“I am able to achieve a state of relaxation beyond anything that I have experienced before. I know that I am in control. I can accomplish my goals… it feels good to be this confident.”

“In one week my sleep habits have completely changed. I can feel the calmness of simple everyday things that I never paid attention to before… healthier mind, healthier body, healthier me!”