Engineer your mind

Apr 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wisconsin Hypnosis Center transforms your thinking to change your life

“BEING STUCK WITH BAD HABITS IS PAINFUL. Successful outcomes with Perceptioneering and guided self-hypnosis is easy.”
Jay Luck


We’ve all been there: in a lethargic mental state humbly known as “stuck,” disappointed in our lifestyle or failure to meet goals we’ve set. At first, it’s something we may acknowledge and battle, but after years, we can become complacent in being disheartened.

The longer we live in this position, the more difficult it is to seek change, and ultimately grow into the best versions of ourselves. We resign to labels like “smoker,” “overweight,” “afraid of meeting new people,” “bad temper,” etc.

We simply believe we can’t break the bad habits we’re stuck with.

But Jay Luck, Master Hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, owner of Wisconsin Hypnosis Center (also known as Apple Valley Hypnosis), has built a practice out of proving people wrong.

He explains that by engineering our minds to focus on positive habits, patterns and beliefs we are able to essentially remove the old ones.

“We teach people to get out of their way and learn. The idea is that once we teach someone something, after they learn it, then they can judge it. When people are changing habits, patterns and beliefs there’s a process they go through which is the steps of change.”

The steps consist of five levels that Jay works through before a breakthrough can be made. The process is not unlike grieving but could take only mere moments for some.

“The first one is that they deny they have a problem. Then when they finally admit they do it, they say, ‘But I don’t do it every day.’ The next level is being angry. They've done it for so long. Then they’re sad they’ve done it. And finally, they’re going to change it.”

Humans have 12% consciousness and 88% sub consciousness, which causes most to analyze situations while debating and arguing, i.e. making excuses about why we haven’t done something we know is good for us, like quitting smoking or eating healthfully.

Something emotional in nature is always attached to a habit, and that’s why it exists. It could be that you began smoking at 16 and felt “cool.” Or, your parents taught you that you were “good” by finishing all of the food on your plate. Our subconscious mind hangs on to this, and thus a habit is born. To change the way our subconscious mind runs, Jay focuses on the client’s ability to succeed.

He facilitates the transformation through teaching self-hypnosis, which works by getting to a “relaxed state whereby it is possible to sink deeper into our minds and rewrite or reprogram our subconscious… it can allow people to bypass their conscious minds and introduce positive thoughts and ideas into their unconscious mind.”

It’s not easy to change your life through self-hypnosis, but it’s simple. In fact, we use it every day. A repeated commute, a daily routine you don’t have to think about to complete, even dressing ourselves in the morning can be considered being hypnotized.

“Which leg do you put your pants on with first?” Jay asks. “Whichever it is, you’ve hypnotized yourself to do it. If I tell you to change it, now you’ll have to think about it. After about six weeks, that becomes normal too. When we’re talking about someone changing their lifestyle, it’s much more complicated but it’s the same thing.”

“BEGINNING TODAY, set an intention and a relentless focus on living your life as the greatest person you can be, in all situations.”

Jay provides one-on-one hypnosis sessions at his Appleton and Green Bay locations, as well as online packages to anyone in the world that includes everything from live video sessions, audio tracks, reading material and more. Wisconsin Hypnosis Center also offers monthly classes that are open to all: current clients, past clients and of course, the curious.

“It’s a fun learning environment. People realize, ‘Wait a minute, people like me have been stuck before and they got through this,” Jay says. “It’s not about me. It’s about them getting the feeling they need to solve the problem they have — and they don’t have to bare their souls if they don’t want to. I don’t have to know the exact problem to shift it.”

Jay also trains people interested in becoming hypnotists, does keynote speaking, leads corporate events and wellness programs for quitting smoking and fitness, and entertainment shows, as well as what he refers to as “hypnosis on steroids.”

Enter Perceptioneering.
Along with Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer, Scott McFall, Jay presents a Perceptioneering Workshop that spans a full weekend several times a year, focusing on critical thinking and how you perceive yourself and others, which can ultimately define your mental and physical

“The Perceptioneering class takes the best of hypnosis techniques, the best of neuro linguistic programming and combines it with people reading,” Jay explains. “We created the name Perceptioneering, which basically means you’re engineering. You’re correctly perceiving what’s happening both in you and in other people.”

Class size is small and intimate (less than 40 people), and the structure informal. And that is intentional. Jay and Scott customize each workshop weekend according to what attendees’ need, and that changes on a moment-to-moment basis.

“We’re helping people get over their thinking that they’re smarter or better or more unique or that they’re not as good as anyone else so they can then go to the next level in their life by getting over it,” Jay says. “We want people in the class who are hungry to learn things.”

“If anyone at any point says they don’t get it, we don’t leave that part of what we’re teaching until everyone does.”

The intense 3-day Perceptioneering program is great for anyone who wants to learn to communicate better and deeper, Jay says — health care professionals with their patients, salespeople with their prospects, employers to employees, etc.

“Perceptioneering really blows people away,” he says. “Everyday people find it interesting because most haven’t thought of it this way, the rapport they have with others. Whether you’re in sales and want to learn your craft or someone just working through their stuff, it’s the same process.

“The high for me is that clients get what they need, and hearing about the lives that we taught to change. We teach, you do, you win,” Jay says. “Some days I feel really guilty because I realize I teach myself the whole time too. It’s fun.”

RESULTS VARY. Wisconsin Hypnosis Center teaches self-hypnosis. Jay and his team are not doctors. They do not diagnose mental health issues or medical conditions, and refer out people who may need those services.

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“You can continue to do what you’re doing and have another year like last year, or you can change it now — it doesn’t matter what it is. We help people with spiritual, physical, money, career, relationships, family stuff. Reach your goal now and you won’t have to do it again.”
-Jay Luck