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May 15, 2024 | 7 mins read

Jay Luck from Wisconsin Hypnosis Center offers proof hypnosis really works!

“Staring at that light, eyes burning and blinking – relaxing more with each word you hear, and each breath you take. You will notice now that your eyelids become heavier, that’s right, heavy like lead. Three, they begin to droop down, two – drooping down even more and one, eyes closed. So you’re more comfortable, relaxing more with each word you hear, in each breath.”

Jay Luck, a master hypnotist with Wisconsin Hypnosis Center, said his passion for hypnosis began at a young age. Wisconsin Hypnosis Center has provided the Wisconsin region of the Midwest with this holistic hypnosis for a healthy lifestyle for more than 37 years. Luck is a member of the Master Hypnotist Society, an exclusive group of about 30 members, made up of the top hypnotists in North America.

“We regularly help each other with clients and teach each other more about hypnosis and healthy living practices (NLP),” he said. “Almost all of us have students that are learning hypnosis as well. Some of those students go on to do it as a career, some just have it as a skill set. But we’re really good at this.”

With the skills and information he’s learned over his many years in hypnosis, Luck said he always has the benefit of what the skill can do in mind, and how he can share that with others.

“If they get to a point where they like themselves, they can pretty much learn anything,” Luck said. “Because we all run patterns, habits and beliefs that get in our way of obtaining goals. If we have really good habits, patterns and beliefs, they help us to achieve our goals.”

“Luck said there are many things people can seek help for. The top things are smoking and weight loss, stress management, pain management, procrastination and fear of public speaking,” he said.

Luck said these bad habits often emerge from childhood moments, but could be introduced at any time in our lives.

“We learn patterns as kids, and we become either afraid of being scolded or afraid of being wrong, afraid of telling the truth because we might get in trouble. Many of these come from childhood. It doesn’t necessarily have to come from childhood, because you can learn a habit three years ago and it becomes a habit now too, but a lot of them do come from that stage in life.”

Luck said, patterns, habits and beliefs are developed throughout our life by something we do over and over.

“It could have made perfect sense to have that habit pattern belief at 12 years old, but it may not make any sense at 40 years old,” he said. “So we’re teaching people to be successful adults.”

Luck said the patterns we pick during our childhood can remain in our routines as we grow up. “The net result of it all, is they’re running a pattern that is not useful,” he said. “Even if it was useful at 12 years old, it’s not useful now. And we teach them to run a pattern that’s useful now to achieve the goal.”

When attending an appointment with Luck, the first thing he does after meeting the client is a screening to see if they’re potentially a good fit for hypnosis. He said this screening takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and is completely free of charge.

“I don’t charge because if I don’t think they’re a good candidate, I’m going to tell them.” Luck said he wants his services to be beneficial, and if he doesn’t think a client would see successful results, then he may refer them elsewhere.

After the screening, and it has been determined hypnosis is a good fit for the client, Luck said he brings them into a comfortable room, with low, calming lighting, to help them be at ease. The procedure involves a physiologized audio methods, while focusing visually on a blue light until he tells clients to close their eyes, to keep their mind awake, but their body asleep.

“They disconnect with time,” Luck said. “When you’re doing hypnosis, your body separates from your brain. It’s out. It’s left the room. But the brain can hear everything. So you’re hearing stuff, but you’re in this relaxed state, open to suggestions about a goal, and the body is very relaxed, which removes stress about the problem.”

Most recently, Luck was treating a client who wanted to quit smoking, but was struggling on his own.

“Before he comes out of that hypnotic state he’ll be receiving the secrets to quit, like imagining that he doesn’t need cigarettes for anything, and he can simply breathe and reduce stress and all that kind of stuff,” Luck said. “And when we wait until toward the end, he’s deep enough in the state that he’s just ready to accept it.”

During a fragment of the session with this client, Healthy Living and Wellness Magazine was allowed to sit in and witness a hypnosis NLP session.

“Imagine with each breath you take and each word you hear you relax more, relaxing more with each word you hear and each breath you take,” Luck said. “Now as you stare at that light, you’ll be using your imagination to go deeper. As you stare at that light, imagine there’s a warm liquid relaxation feeling around your toes.” He continues to describe this feeling of calmness washing over the client until they close their eyes and fall into a deep state of relaxation.

“You’ll feel your body is relaxed, as your mind is relaxing and you’re taking a break at this time,” Luck said. “Your body is relaxed, pressing down. Your mind is relaxed and expanding.”

At this stage, Luck said the client was deep enough in a hypnotic state to accept suggestions to better their health or lifestyle. He emphasized how relaxed the client should feel, and then
tells them to lift their arm in a rigid, very strong manner, keeping a tight and firm fist.

“Soon, the harder you try to bend the arm,” Luck said, “the more rigid it becomes, and you notice it’s easy to agree to move forward today as a nonsmoker. It’s easy for you to really like the idea of putting good things in your body for longevity and energy.”

He speaks calming affirmations to the hypnotized client, who is looking to quit smoking.

“You’ve decided you are the adult in the room who isn’t going to take in those poisons and toxins anymore,” Luck said. “All of those associations thinking you need a cigarette to take a break, or when you’re bored or when you’re stressed, you realize now that you can change all that. You can let all of those associations go and you can have great healthy ways to get those same outcomes that you wanted. Your arm will let loose only as fast as you want to say ‘yes’ in your mind to being totally sure you’re moving forward today. Not next week, not next month, but today — moving forward and letting cigarettes be gone. And imagining you have pink lungs and your body begins to thank you and heal. When you again hear my voice you will hear even the secrets to liking, no in fact loving your life — smoke-free. Relax.”

Before sending the client home, Luck gives them a collection of audio tracks and readings specific to the client’s challenge. The two struggles Luck said he aids people most in, are weight
loss and smoking. He said he has seen success after success with hypnosis and NLP, and offers a service guarantee.

“We offer a service guarantee which is good for as long as I’m in business,” Luck said. “So if they ever struggle, let’s say they lose weight and two years from now they get find themselves gaining weight, they come back and pay nothing. I had a couple come in, it was their third session, just kind of making sure they’d quit. They haven’t smoked since the day we did our first session, both of them.”

Luck said his passion for hypnosis and its health benefits has not decreased with his many years in this field. He continues to assist people in leading a healthier lifestyle, receiving many
thanks and referrals from clients he’s worked with. “It’s a lot of fun to do this, every single day another client goes,
‘You saved my life,’ but I always spin it back to them, ‘Thank you, but I’m your teacher. I didn’t do it for you,’” Luck said. “They learned what to do. We teach, they do, they win.”

“My job is to get my clients to fall in love with themselves.”
Jay Luck


Wisconsin Hypnosis Center’s four-day, eight-hour per day workshop is offered multiple times a year. This workshop may help you to learn hypnosis skills that can benefit your lifestyle and your friends. On the fourth and final day of the workshop, you can express interest in a mentorship,
where you learn the skills as a career.

“So I’m teaching my clients to un-hypnotize patterns, habits and beliefs that are not getting them the outcome they want,” Luck said, “and hypnotize in new patterns, habits and beliefs to get the outcome they need.”

“The vast majority of our clients succeed and get their goal, and they and learn skills that may last the rest of their lives.”

Thousands of testimonials echo client success!

"I quit after my first session, and I used to smoke a pack a day! Hypnosis changed my life!"
-Amy O., Menasha

"I've noticed I'm more motivated and doing 5 miles a day on the treadmill and outside. I'm noticing that I don't have as many cravings as I had in the past either. I overall have more energy and I feel good."
-Josephine S., Kaukauka

"I was a one pack a day smoker for 50+ years and I can now say I am not smoking. I still have an urge but thanks to Jay I can now resist that urge! It's a good feeling to not have to buy smokes also! But most of all my granddaughter is proud of me… Bottom line, I recommend Jay for anybody having problems quitting.”
-Richard E., Neenah

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