What Extra Emotional Or Physical Weight Are You Carrying Into The New Year?

Jan 04, 2023 | 3 mins read

In this world, we are constantly bombarded with the world’s “Buy this, buy that. Fix it fast!” There is so much noise, there’s so much garbage out there. There are so many different messages that are coming at us from all directions all the time; billions of bits of information. Now add those billions of bits of information to our memories and the patterns, habits and beliefs that we built since we were born and now we have a problem.


What you see is that those billions of bits of information are shaping our moods, attitudes, behaviours and feelings; and we feel stuck with these feelings because we can’t process all of it and because we’re letting them control our behaviour. We want to be on top of the circumstances rather than under the circumstances, don’t you?

What are your goals? And what’s needed for you to feel to have those goals simply be easy to achieve? We end up taking on all of those millions of bits of information, whether it be our friends complaining about something literally throwing up on us with their concerns and worries or just the world and the information we keep hearing that is negative and pushing us back.

It may be the sign of someone who has a big heart to take all that on; however, it stops us from even being a powerful resource for those people complaining to us, yes? Think about that by learning to change your habits, patterns and beliefs so that you feel great going toward what you want to achieve.

We must be responsible for ourselves first. When we don’t take responsibility for ourselves it’s a poison.


Career, finances, relationships, health and spirit. To get there you have to take things with you. The love you need is probably already in your life and you can’t even see it. If you are to get there fast, you have to get rid of the things in your bag that have been weighing you down, slowing you down and stopping you, in fact, from getting the very things that you want. That’s that weight thing I am talking about.

In life, we take this person’s stuff, that person’s stuff, the weight of the world and our own weight from our own habits, beliefs and things we feel stuck with, and we end up not getting what we want. No, I’m not suggesting you disassociate yourself from the world or from your relationships. In fact, I’m talking about being totally engaged, but in a new paradigm shift.

If we don’t fully engage, eventually our head becomes so heavy that we can’t even drag it. It’s almost unbearable to even move. And we find ourselves being depressed, not able get out of bed, having a business a struggle, our family life stops and relationships fall apart — not available to have the experiences that we want to have.

Think about how depressed you have to be to not even make a decision to take care of yourself, change your life and get rid of those old habits. If you’ve never seen any proof that you’re stuck in habits, that’s proof all by itself. When you don’t even make a decision to make the changes you want to make to learn how to make those decisions to get what you want.

Here’s what I want you to be vigilant about: take responsibility for your stuff and don’t take responsibility for others’ stuff. But when you take responsibility for your stuff you can teach them to take responsibility for their own and your relationships will be in a better place financially, personally, relationally, physically and spiritually.

Keep your bag or your sack light so that you can move quickly and seize opportunities and experience life like you should be able to.

Set this goal for your life resolution and empty the garbage now. There are millions of things in your sack that you don’t need and you’re not even aware of what they are. With guided professional hypnosis you’ll discover those things and change them for the rest of your life. Unless of course you don’t decide

It’s a belief that you have that you can’t do something that is in the way. Imagine learning the secret to succeed. Your life will be very different.