Genius Is Realizing The Mood

Jan 25, 2023 | 2 mins read

Americans spend more money on diets and weight loss and drugs to quit smoking, reduce stress and manage pain than any other country and yet we are still the most obese country in the world and have the most stress-related health issues! Money and drugs alone do not have the power to fix the challenges we face when trying to make significant success and break painful habits. Whether it’s quitting smoking vapes or cigarettes, losing weight or overcoming an addiction, insomnia or pain management, the missing ingredient is belief and confidence. Belief is the cornerstone of success.


Belief is currently the scientific test for every pharmaceutical you have ever taken. As of 2013, antidepressants were still only beating placebos by 9%! That is a shocking statistic and scientists are now studying the placebo effect more than ever. Placebo surgeries are even being given and showing incredible effectiveness versus real surgeries. The power of belief cannot be overstated, and in the world of health, self-improvement, and better living, it is certainly the name of the game. We see so many more medical doctors, business execs and students interested in learning about what we do in hypnosis than ever before.

If the power of belief can be so strong as to influence medical trials, how powerful do you think non-belief is? If deep down you think you can’t do it, then no amount of money, training, education or special trick is going to help you. The difference with professionally guided hypnosis and the hundreds of weight loss programs is that hypnosis lasts, unlike the 94% who fail within two years with the popular and well-advertised national diet programs.

It’s fraudulent to think past = future. Yet, that is what most people think. Successful people don’t think that way.

The first step of hypnosis is successfully achieving outcomes in your mind. If you want to lose pounds or quit smoking or sleep better or have less pain, don’t focus on the problem. Successful clients (whether they be corporate execs, everyday people, students or healthcare pros) find the process and outcomes natural, and almost effortless. You see, feel and hear success.

"It’s fraudulent to think past = future. Yet, that is what most people think. Successful people don’t think that way."

Different, natural pathways in the brain are how change happens. The angle has to be seen entirely differently. Under stress the brain tries to find answers and narrows focus, which does not help see all the options — only the threat.

The horror of negative beliefs is that they make failure seem normal, expected and end with the mental phrase “See, I told you so.” Eighty eight percent of our brains are subconscious. That’s the part of your brain hypnosis teaches you to control.

“Genius is realizing the mood is chosen for the outcome desired.” The experience of hypnosis is often said to be similar with those formerly experienced with drugs, with no side effects or loss of control.

Through guided hypnosis you can open up the power of self-belief by hypnotizing in positive beliefs and un-hypnotizing negative ones at the subconscious level.