Change False Perceptions And Change Your Life

Jan 04, 2023 | 3 mins read

The most valuable skill we possess is critical thinking. The ability to understand information. Then respond accurately, effectively and responsibly.


People react to flawed, incomplete or inaccurate information by developing false attitudes and beliefs. The result is a distorted reality. Fabricated, false perception. Causing adverse effects in every aspect of life. Confusion, poor decisions and a self-limiting belief system.


The solution is “perceptioneering.” Thinking about what you think. Engineering correct perceptions of reality. Evaluating information. Analyzing thoughts. Determining which thoughts are correct, logical and beneficial. Which are reactions dictated by self-limiting beliefs, ego and false attitudes?

Critical thinking skills are a must for all hypnotists because you teach it to clients to ensure sustainable results.


Our perception of reality is manufactured by erratic, distorted information. We are bombarded with false perceptions daily. “If it bleeds, it leads” is the media’s motto. “Ratings make it right” is the mantra of television. “Box office” rules in Hollywood. Not to mention a constant barrage of advertising telling us what we need, how to live, what’s important, what isn’t and what to think.

Every thought is filtered through a maze of memories, preconceptions, values, attitudes, environmental and social influences dating back to youth.


Your brain processes two million bits of information per second. Do you delete, distort or generalize information? What emotions do you attach to information? What effect does it have on your physical and mental health? Perception determines behaviour, actions, decisions and ultimately your quality of life.

Who you are. What you do. How you live. A clear reflection of thought and what you think. People are often influenced by multiple false perceptions.

You construct your own reality. Reality is seldom based on accurate information. Leading to false perceptions fabricated with illogical logic. Resulting in pain, misery, suffering, confusion, emotional turmoil, unnecessary stress, unwanted behaviour, false attitudes and crippling self limiting beliefs.


Frankly, most of us suffer from false perceptions. Some more than others. Perceptioneering begins with the evaluation of self. To completely understand the benefits and power of perceptioneering you must experience it for yourself. Similar to hypnosis. You must do it to perceive its vast potential and opportunities.


  • Five principles of success
  • Imagination induced results
  • Perceptioneering logic structure
  • Seven reality filters
  • Five representation types
  • Five ways body is influenced by thought
  • Perceptioneering value operatives
  • Components of sustainable change
  • Ultimate training guide
  • Secrets of life change experience
  • Sight reading communication
  • Sin of assumption
  • Verbal and nonverbal value alignment
  • Five conditional safeguards
  • Goal direction
  • Four instant behaviour transformers
  • Priority success sequence
  • Identifying false perceptions


You will personally benefit from this training. Your ability to think critically will improve. Personal performance will improve because you will possess the skill to remove the false attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that obstruct client success.

But that’s only the beginning. Perceptioneering exposes mass cultural illusions. And how to free your client of its claws. You’re trained to recognize errors of perception. Memory fabrication. Fallacies of logic. Cognitive bias sabotage. Pattern regeneration.


Most importantly, you graduate with superior critical thinking skills. Perceptioneering is an essential component for any hypnotist dedicated to providing clients the best possible results.

Guaranteed to change your perceptions. Stir your imagination. Expand your knowledge. Keep current with the most advanced hypnosis training available today. Perceptioneering is the ability to think critically, knowing what information to discard or to accept. Which ultimately determines your mental and physical health and quality of life.