Dangers And Precautions Of Hypnosis

Jan 04, 2023 | 3 mins read

Guided professional hypnosis is dangerous for the bad habits you want to get rid of. You know, those habits, patterns and beliefs that have been in your way since — well who knows? Some from a few weeks ago and others from childhood.


When we want to change things or adapt to life or real change, things will be very different than what our family taught us. When it is going to be radically different we go through three phases. If you are getting upset about your life there is an overwhelming chance you are the one who needs to evolve or change.

We may meet hypnosis clients when they are in the anger phase or denial phase, or the bargaining phase or stress phase or when they are accepting that they need to change something phase. When the client is in any phase but the acceptance of a need to change they are not ready. Like “wax on wax off ” from the movie “The Karate Kid.”

If we try to start in the middle or try to renegotiate that we were right in the first place it often feels like self-pity or sad or “woe is me.” That is a phase of changing; however, it will only successfully change if we interrupt it and hypnotize in a new pattern that is useful to get the outcome we want. Most of us do not know how to create, and more importantly keep, the most useful patterns, habits and beliefs so that the outcome becomes almost effortless.

At which phase you’re met in a screening or session determines how hard or easy it will be for you. As Scott McFall says, “It’s like telling a good joke, it’s all in the timing.”

In a screening you’re taught how to get to the acceptance phase before you start your one-on-one session, whether online or in a clinic. Most people can be taught to be in these states when in our unique guided states of hypnosis, accepting what has to change and doing it. This is the magical phase for you, where success imagery and perceiving success becomes a subconscious reality. Often, if not most of the time, you will go back to the anger, denial, bargaining or stress phases a few times before acceptance and potentially permanent change is complete. Many clients actually feel by that phase that it “was magical.” Discovery of this leverage equals success.

I experienced this with Scott McFall (In my opinion the best hypnotist) when he had shown me for years a failing strategy I ran with risk. I had a lifelong way of dealing with unpleasant situations with high risk and not paying attention to details because I had learned at a young age that I could get by with it. Thinking I had a charmed life and nothing could really be very bad, I cut corners. I remember being in a bar and a big I mean really big guy wanted to kick my butt. I talked him out of it. Ever since that day, it was proof I could risk and win anyway. Because a lot of the time I did get by with it. When I look back now, especially at a few very big events in my life that went bad, I realize how stupid the patterns, habits and beliefs I was holding dear were. Now changing that behaviour has changed my life and the lives of my clients.

When our subconscious brain is aligned with our goals, life is very different. It feels very different. Imagine not being angry at others or yourself. Instead having clarity about what you want and have the emotions in line with the desired outcome. Have you noticed you don’t “mad your way to the top”?

Mastering rapport and stepping out of ourselves and into patterns, habits, beliefs and feelings of the outcomes we want, comes easy with professional, guided hypnosis. Imagine trying for years to lose that painful fat, failing over and over then finally losing it for good and no longer even thinking about it and as a bonus your immune system improves and you have reduced your likelihood of getting severe influenza or coronavirus.

Imagine how it would feel not needing to smoke tobacco or e-cigs/ vapes anymore, and having no cravings as your lungs heal and you are not an easy target for influenza or coronavirus.
Imagine no longer having low self-esteem.
Imagine chronic pain reduced.
Imagine sleeping better.

Hypnosis, per se, is no more or less dangerous than relaxing or natural sleep with the guidance of a master hypnotist with years of experience with your specific problem.

Imagine a much different you getting success now. The longer you run a bad pattern, the harder it is to fix. Do it now.