Perceptioneering: Breaking Through The Barriers Of Bad Habits

Feb 20, 2023 | 3 mins read

Are you stuck with extra pounds you can’t shed? Are you having a hard time focusing? Do you want to quit smoking or vaping, but can’t? Do you struggle having confidence and achieving your goals, be it spiritually, financially, relationally, career, health? Some of it might have to do with your SANS model being out of balance.



SANS represents the 4 legs of your Basic Needs table — needs you can’t live without. As taught by Scott McFall and the Master Hypnotist Society. These are the basic needs of every human being. This model may help you discover what you may be missing.

S – Sleep

A - Adventure

N - Nutrition

S – Sexuality and Romance

Each letter represents a leg on your Basic Needs table. If you knock out one leg, your table gets wobbly. If pressure is applied it can fall down. If you are missing two legs, you can’t balance, and it doesn’t take much to knock you down. For many people they are propping their entire world on one leg! Do you want to guess which leg that is? NUTRITION.These people are trying to get all their needs met through food.

Through years of observation it has become obvious the types of food people crave often represents the legs of the table they are missing. I noticed this quite by accident while consuming copious amounts of jalapeños.

Here is a closer look at which one of your legs may be out of balance based on the types of foods you’re craving:

Sleep: If a person is lacking the sleep leg of their table, food becomes the tool that gives them an energy spike so that they can go on. Often consuming high carbohydrate foods provides a blood sugar spike that they might feel wakes them up. Even with the best of intentions of eating a healthy diet, if sleep isn’t present, the person has little to no self control and could give in to cravings.

Sleep is the first leg that needs to be addressed. As soon as a person starts sleeping better, their whole world and perception of their life becomes better.

Adventure: Craving spicy, salty, crunchy, savory, rich — basically just FUN on a plate! They are trying to stimulate fun through the nervous system with these intense flavours. Adventure comes in all shapes and forms. Basic premise is that you HAVE TO have something to look forward to! If you have nothing to chase, you will find no point in doing the necessary tasks of taking care of yourself. This can be as little as looking forward to a bubble bath alone while no one bothers you, to a great walk somewhere new, or a grand holiday (even if that is 4 months away!) Half of the fun in the adventure is imagining the possibilities before you even get there!

Sexuality and romance: Craving sweets, chocolate, ice cream and carbs — basically every romantic comedy where the main character is sitting on the couch, heartbroken and eating ice cream. Also, wine and alcohol goes with both as they are being used to escape from the deficiencies in their life. Sexuality and romance begins with each individual understanding that they need love and connection, through friendships and intimacy.

This can happen in many different ways. Some basic understanding of how sexuality hormones stabilize mood and emotions is very eye opening for many people. This understanding often helps people make changes in their life to help them facilitate meeting their basic needs. Leveling and surrendering into what you need is powerful. Begin with the basics: You give love first. You give respect first. It begins with you. You have to give in order to receive.

So how does your table stand up? What do you need to balance it?

Hypnosis has a chemical reason why it works. It bypasses the language center of the brain to find the mood to achieve the goal. Also, trying hypnosis, if you never have before, can aid in the adventure leg of your SANS model.