Are You Feeling Overwhelmed With Bad Habits?

Jan 04, 2023 | 3 mins read

Are you sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and maybe even confused with bad habits? Could it be weight gain, smoking, chronic pain stresses and stress in general? It is an essential skill to develop the subconscious control to break those debilitating bad habits. Unfortunately, schools do not teach us coping mechanisms that would greatly help in facing the challenges of our modern world. Growing up my parents didn’t have the toolkit (or the time) necessary to fill that gap for me. Like many people, I had to figure that out on my own.


People develop different coping mechanisms than smoking, drinking, overeating, isolation, social media, TV and internet binging. These are common ways in which you try to cope with the stresses and pressures of everyday life. Even the toughest hard working man or woman can find themselves binge drinking to self-soothe stress. Money, relationships, tragedy and a difficult work environment can all be the causes of worry and stress.

And it doesn’t work, does it? Because we all have to deal with these situations at some point in our life, we also need a new way to deal with them in a healthy and positive way. Ultimately, we need to be able to use these difficulties to make us in control, stronger, wiser and more loving of yourself and others.

Hypnosis is an easy way to clear the negative coping mechanisms you or someone you know has developed and relied on. By clearing the bad habits and unhealthy ways you deal with stress you can build a strong foundation for discovering a wealth of inner strength, calm and courage that can handle any situation. Sometimes it is the repeated failure of your habits that pushes you into finding a new solution. As you mature and see through the hollow promises of escaping your problems through drinking, smoking, sleeping or overeating, motivation can be strong for finding a new constructive way of approaching difficulties.

Bad habits make you feel bad about yourself. They erode your self-confidence and undermine yourself-worth. That is how you know you need to give them up. Have you ever made a deal or bargain with yourself to give up a habit only to find the habit has gotten worse? Everyone who has struggled on their own with a bad habit or addiction has gone through the cycles of bargaining only to end up worse off. Getting to the root of a bad habit is essential if we wish to overcome it. Professional guided self-hypnosis is specifically designed to do this.

Are you open to new ways of dealing with stress? Hypnosis and our other unique skills can be nothing short of a revelation. They can identify the source of bad habits and start the process of deconstructing their origins. Many people have powerful “aha” moments when looking back over their life and finding the source of a particular bad habit. Clearing the source of a bad habit is very empowering. We can focus our energy on self-empowerment and tackling challenges head on and transforming them into opportunities for growth and development. When we have the ability to handle stress without any artificial crutches we have a sense of self-worth and pride that is priceless. In fact, with professional guided hypnosis, the source of the problem many times does not even matter.

Are you exhausted by a bad habit and ready to succeed? Ready to actually get that elusive New Year’s resolution and keep it?