Unleash Superpowers Of Your Mind

Mar 03, 2023 | 3 mins read

What if I told you that it is possible to unleash real life super powers, would you believe me? What if deep down, inside of every person there is a sleeping giant of unimaginable super potential? You see the superheroes in movies: Ironman, the Avengers or Superman. It’s cool to fantasize about these characters and imagine what life would be like if you had some sort of super power.


What if you already have something similar, some hidden abilities locked within you? Once unlocked, you won’t be able to stop bullets with a flick of your finger, or fly off, but you will be able to have an unfair advantage over 99% of the people on this planet.

The truth is that within every person there is a sleeping giant. Once awakened and you understand how to use it, you will quite literally design your own set of super powers.

Right now you have the most complex piece of biological machinery known to man, tucked away inside your mind. Hidden within your brain is the subconscious mind. Everything that you have ever known or ever will know is stored inside of you.

Every skill, memory, habit, pattern, experience and belief is stored there. The conscious mind is nothing more than a filter or a net catching all of the junk before it reaches your subconscious mind. 99% of the things that you do on a daily basis are controlled by your subconscious mind. We like to think that we’re in control, but most of what we do is really the result of what has been programmed into our subconscious mind. The way that we see ourselves, the way we see others, the beliefs we hold, and the fabric of who we are as person, is directly linked to the contents of our subconscious mind.

With an understanding of our subconscious mind and how to program it, you can take full control of the most complex object known to man and develop what most other people see as super powers. Most people don’t even know that the subject of the subconscious mind exists; let alone how to use it to improve your life. Knowing how to use it puts you above 99% of people who aren’t aware of how to use it.

Think back to a time when you first learned how to ride a bike. The first few hours were scary. In that time your conscious mind was in control. Your brain is actually incredibly smart, but as you will learn later in our next article (and in the Perceptioneering Workshop April 1-4 2022 in Appleton, WI — other locations and dates in North America are available by request), even though the conscious mind in this instance is in control, it is also our greatest weakness.

Whenever you learn something new, the conscious mind handles the task, but eventually it passes it on to the subconscious mind and you no longer have to think about it. This is the process of forming a habit. This is why you are able to watch TV while brushing your teeth and why you can have conversations while driving. Your conscious mind thinks logically but your subconscious mind is much more primitive. It’s like an 800lb silverback gorilla. On the surface, this gorilla might not seem that smart, but if you look at many of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known, you’ll find that the majority of breakthroughs came from moments when the subconscious mind was in play. In fact, when asked how they did it, most geniuses said ‘the idea just came to me.’

That is the subconscious mind at work. Every emotion that you experience actually comes from your subconscious mind. It controls your breathing and other functions within your body that you never really think about on a daily basis. Every second of every day you are programming your subconscious mind without even thinking about it. Each time you see an attractive person and avoid eye contact you are programming your subconscious mind. Every flaw in your personality is a learned behaviour.

Imagine learning how to get the goals you want: How to be a great communicator, how to have great relationships, a successful career, deep spiritual awareness, completing health goals, having healthy finances, and more is all possible by mastering how to control your subconscious mind.

All this can be accomplished by taking steps to learning how to develop this skill. Once developed, you can learn how to apply it to smaller goals, like quitting smoking, losing weight, managing chronic pain, improving athleticism, and deepening your career or relationships.

It’s all about taking the time to train your brain through learning how to accurately perceive yourself.