Self-Confidence Is Key To Success

Dec 14, 2022 | 2 mins read

Self confidence is a pivotal key to success in every aspect of our life. Ego, on the other hand, gets us into trouble and is the basis for all our bad habits, addictions and self-loathing. So what’s the difference between self-confidence and ego? Self confidence comes from positive actions and positive attitudes and is very different from ego.


When our ego runs amuck, selfish and narcissistic behaviour begins to manifest. Drinking, drug abuse, gambling and other self-destructive behaviours arise from ego.

Ego is an overinflated view of our self that feels we are naturally more important than others. Achieving personal success and overcoming our bad habits depends on reducing ego and starting to truly love ourselves again. When we truly love ourselves this is not ego because it eliminates self-destructive behaviour and is the foundation of confidence.

Self-destructive behaviour makes us lack confidence and eventually we can begin to even hate ourselves. Alcoholism and drug addiction erode our self-love and confidence and the self-hatred that can develop causes many people to commit suicide.

By focusing on our positive qualities and positive actions we naturally and effortlessly begin to feel good about ourselves. Letting go of bad habits and addictions is important to allowing our confidence to surface. As we let go of bad habits and replace them with positive and beneficial ones our mind becomes clearer, our energy improves, we sleep better, and each day seems brighter and fuller of opportunities.

Using self-hypnosis is really a way to become your best self. When we are our best self not only do we love ourselves and feel great about ourselves but it carries out into our relationships and daily interactions so that we make people feel good about their selves!

For both our professional and personal success tossing out bad habits and developing self-confidence is of paramount importance. Using hypnosis is safe, effective and unties the deeply rooted knot of ego for a more fulfilling and love-filled life.